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Your Plan, Your Way: Custom Solutions Designed to Meet Your Unique Needs

July 23, 2019

No two pharmacy benefit plans are the same, so why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach from your pharmacy benefit manager?

When it comes to selecting a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) for your plan, you need a partner that understands the challenges you face and the needs of your members. What programs and services are important to you to ensure quality pharmacy care for your plan members? What cost controls make sense and should be put in place to help meet your budget?

What works well for one plan sponsor, may not work as well for another. Your pharmacy benefits should be crafted around your unique needs, not the other way around—that’s common sense.

In recent years, pharmacy benefits have become unnecessarily complex and payers have to be extra vigilant to know what they are spending and why. As you evaluate your PBM partner, it is important to ask yourself three questions:

  • Are your pharmacy benefits tailored to your needs?
  • Is your PBM acting in a consultative manner to help you achieve the best possible outcomes at the lowest possible cost?
  • Do you understand what programs and services reduce your actual drug spend—and by how much—beyond just rebate savings?

As an example of how Envision’s approach to custom pharmacy benefits may work for you, here’s how we’re working with a large employer coalition to meet the unique needs of their members:

When employer-led group purchasing coalition Employers Health was searching for an additional PBM partner for their plan sponsor members, they sought transparency, clarity into drug spend and plan design flexibility. After an extensive search, Employers Health selected EnvisionRx as a preferred PBM option for their 215 employer coalition members, representing more than 1 million patients.

The unique model offered by EnvisionRx addresses a hot topic in the industry—sharing rebates with patients at the point of sale. Envision’s significant experience with the ‘pass-through’ pricing model already offers plan sponsors this particular option.

Our common sense approach provides plan sponsors with better clarity on their drug spending and the benefit of continuous contractual improvements. When combined with the added support of Employers Health’s account management, clinical, legal and analytics teams, this relationship offers a unique alternative for their coalition members as they select their PBM partner.

EnvisionRx was founded with a common sense approach that it should be easy for plan sponsors to understand what they are paying and how they can reduce costs. As a national healthcare company that owns all the necessary pieces of the pharmacy care experience, we work in a consultative manner to design programs and services that meet your unique needs. We create solutions just for you, from claims adjudication to medication therapy management, to flexible retail network solutions and more. Since we maintain full control and ownership of our technology platform—including our modern, scalable adjudication system—we are able to support diverse benefit designs, make changes faster, deliver custom content via member portals, and put your data in your hands with robust, secure reporting.

We intentionally built our business to be flexible and nimble to meet our clients’ and their members’ needs. Members receive the attention they deserve with innovative ways to reduce drug spend and a condition-specific, high-touch care model for individualized care. We analyze your current pharmacy care experience; what is going well and what needs improvement, and truly tailor your experience—from full service to à la carte—to improve outcomes and manage costs.

EnvisionRx is the PBM partner with unique solutions to meet the unique needs of your plan, your members and their families, at a lower cost. With all the capabilities of the biggest PBMs, it is clear why more plan sponsors are choosing EnvisionRx, a visibly different partner that can design your plan, your way.


See how EnvisionRx designs your plan, your way.

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