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Uncovering Actionable Opportunities in Your Data to Reduce Costs and Close Care Gaps through Insightful Reporting

December 17, 2019

Data from your members’ prescription benefit usage contains information about why they are or are not adherent, if they were successfully treated, which prescriptions they chose to fill or not fill, disease progression and more. The question is, are you or your pharmacy and PBM partner using this patient insight data to make changes and improvements?

The information you receive from your pharmacy partner can be overwhelming, but there are hidden gems in this data if you know where to look and how to draw insightful conclusions. For example, we take an in-depth look at expensive and complex specialty conditions, specifically hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis, oncology, asthma and inflammatory conditions. Are you regularly provided access to the biologic switch rate, adherence measures and savings due to the top five interventions in a specific population? Our reporting offers real, timely case studies for specialty conditions and expert analysis that is key to uncovering opportunities to take action to reduce waste and close care gaps.

 EnvisionPharmacies', our mail order and specialty pharmacy, collection of screening tools and assessments help to confirm treatment effectiveness and identify patient risks to ensure the best possible experience and outcomes. We treat each piece of data as an intimate look into the patient experience and use that information to continually improve care.

Our insightful reporting focuses on information that is essential for determining how treatment can change and improve for better patient support, personalized outreach and lower costs, such as:

Key Performance Indicators – We deliver a better pharmacy experience using data-driven insights and a deep understanding of patient behavior and expectations. We provide in-depth reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve the patient experience, increase patient confidence in their medication therapy and mitigate future risk of medication non-adherence.

Proprietary Algorithms - We continuously mine our proprietary data, aggregate reporting and put processes in place that demonstrate our performance using industry benchmarks when available and appropriate. This focus on data, coupled with our patient-centric culture and operationally intelligent approach, truly sets us apart from other pharmacies and allows clients to provide members with a distinctively different pharmacy experience.

Notable Case Reviews - Robust, in-house reporting capabilities, including intervention documentation and risk scoring (risk assessments/confidence scores), offer our clients a unique view into the patient experience for members of their plan.

Deep Insights – Raw data can provide numbers regarding outcomes, but opportunities for improved care come from uncovering deep insights, evaluating post-clinical outcomes, and taking action to reduce costs, care abandonment, disease progression and incorrect dosages. This valuable insight using your data, along with our recommendations of best practices, offers opportunities to make adjustments that drive improved outcomes.

Our insightful reporting and common sense approach to pharmacy care positions EnvisionRx as the partner you need to help simplify the complex pharmacy benefits industry. Beyond simply dispensing medication, we offer a high-touch, personalized care experience that doesn’t end when the prescription is shipped. Our clinical expertise, safety processes and thoughtful approach to data reporting and reviews, help us improve care with every dose.

EnvisionRx is flexible, nimble and visibly different. Our commitment to analyzing and using your data for real improvements to patient care and support is a true example of how we view our role in the healthcare equation as not just supplying a medication, but truly impacting the quality of a patient’s life.


Learn how our insightful reporting and common sense approach leads to usable data for better outcomes in our Specialty Key Performance Indicators report.

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