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How Do You Define True Integration and Successful Coordination of Care with your Pharmacy Partner?

November 7, 2019

When it comes to pharmacy care, an integrated experience and coordinated clinical programs are probably on your list of necessary components. Your pharmacy partner should have the operational intelligence and superior clinical programs in place to provide individualized care with every interaction. You need assurance that patients will receive their medication safely and accurately, with the right level of support, every time. Are you confident your pharmacy partner can provide this?

EnvisionPharmacies was founded on the basis of being consultative, nimble and visibly different. As a part of a pharmacy benefits and services company that provides solutions throughout the pharmacy care experience, we are aligned with payer client needs and are able to balance patient outcomes with cost controls.

Leveraging the right mix of technology and human touch is critically important for a pharmacy partner. Here’s how our common sense strategies put the patient first, every time.

True Integration - Better management of the whole patient requires an integrated approach, while providing data-driven, personalized clinical guidance. This approach is made even more powerful through integration between pharmacy and pharmacy benefit management (PBM) programs, designed to maximize clinical controls and plan value.

Elite Clinical Programs - When we speak about our clinical programs, we are referring to a set of pathways and tools designed to drive engagement and target interventions in a way that patients understand and appreciate, all while delivering safety and therapeutic benefits and improving the patient experience overall. Our pharmacy and clinical programs work together, enabling all care coordinators to best manage the patient's condition, while providing personalized clinical guidance. Envision’s clinical programs include more than just refill reminder phone calls. Our pharmacists receive therapy- and condition-specific training and implement individualized care plans based on the patient’s condition.

At EnvisionPharmacies, state-of-the-art controls, multiple checks for accuracy, a fully redundant back-up system, checkpoints with clinical pharmacist review and around-the-clock security for controlled substances ensure patients are protected with each dispense. These safety practices and quality assurance measures help us to provide a 99.99% dispensing accuracy rate.

Advanced Fulfillment – Our dispensing technology integrates with our patient support tools, such as automatic refills and refill reminder calls, which allow patients to control when refills arrive with just the touch of a button. EnvisionPharmacies’ comprehensive patient portal allows patients to track shipments, request transfers and manage their account, all making life easier for the patient.

Continuous Improvement - Our nimble systems enable rapid implementations and our culture drives ongoing optimization. Customer-valued processes are constantly evaluated and improved for efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility. By seeking simple solutions, we are able to make incremental improvements quickly and on the fly, allowing us to better meet our clients’ unique needs.

We care for the patient before the first dose is shipped and throughout treatment with intelligent processes, superior customer service, and elite clinical support for improved payer and patient outcomes. Our dedication is the difference between simply supplying a medication and truly impacting the quality of a patient’s life.

We view each medication dispensed as an opportunity to make a difference for the patients and families we serve. Our operations and clinical programs are truly integrated, which allows for common sense solutions that treat the whole patient. For the best outcomes, you need a pharmacy partner that offers truly intelligent solutions in their programs and operations, not just words.


Learn how our operational intelligence and common sense approach lead to a pharmacy care experience that treats the whole patient.