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Five Reasons Mail Order Pharmacy is a Smart Choice for Your Plan and Your Members

September 5, 2019

When it comes to receiving prescription medication, mail order pharmacies are a reliable and preferred method for members to obtain their prescriptions. There are many reasons both members and plans choose mail service and, in fact, mail order is one of the most accurate and safest methods of dispensing medications.[1] With convenient and personalized care, mail order pharmacies often generate high rates of member satisfaction and healthier outcomes.

Here are five reasons why it’s just common sense to add mail order as a part of your prescription benefits:

  1. Convenience and Free Delivery – Mail delivery offers the ease of having medications delivered right to the members’ front door. In addition, maintenance medications are shipped in discreet packaging and many are filled in a 90-day supply with automated refills for added convenience. Since it's so important to take medication on a regular, as-prescribed basis, this service helps members continue taking their medication as directed. EnvisionPharmacies always offers free standard shipping for peace-of-mind that members will receive the right medication at the right time and never risk running out.

  2. Dispensing Accuracy and Quality Control – Mail order pharmacies offer a safe and distraction-free environment during the medication fill, where the pharmacist is focused on one task—dispensing the correct medication in the correct dosage. Studies show a nearly flawless rate of less than one error in every 1,000 prescriptions (0.075%) filled through mail order.[2]

    EnvisionPharmacies is in line with these industry-wide accuracy studies and boasts a 99.99% dispensing accuracy rate. This level of accuracy doesn’t happen by accident. It is a product of our proven patient experience, advanced fulfillment processes and quality control measures that ensure our patients are protected. With multiple quality checkpoints, including live clinical pharmacist review and 24/7/365 medication security, our patients rest assured that they’ll receive their medication safely, securely and on time.

  3. Better Adherence for Healthier Outcomes – Better health outcomes are important, not only for the individual’s quality of life, but also for the plan. These outcomes can be tracked by a number of different measures, like hospitalizations, relapses and test results, but one important determinant is adherence. Studies show that members using mail order achieve adherence rates of 84.7%, compared to local pharmacy users at 76.9%. Part of the reason for this high adherence rate can be attributed to 90-day fills offered by the mail order pharmacy, convenience of home delivery and 24/7 pharmacist support.

    To support healthier outcomes, our pharmacy and clinical programs work together, enabling all care coordinators to best manage the member's condition, while providing personalized clinical guidance. This support, paired with home delivery, helps lead to a better patient experience, better adherence and healthier outcomes that benefit both the member and the plan.

  4. Lower Costs for the Member and the Plan – Typically, 90-day fills via mail order have a lower copay for members. The plan also saves when members receive 90-day fills on their maintenance medications. Mail order provides you with the options you need so you can design your plan, your way. Plans that participate in our program requiring 90-day fills for maintenance medications save an average of 4% on their plan costs.[4]

    Another way the plan saves is on overall healthcare costs because increased medication adherence results in fewer serious health complications. For example, with higher adherence in a diabetic member population there is a decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases. With 12% of overall payer medical spend going to cardiovascular diseases, prevention in this population alone could save costs for the plan.[5]

  5. Questions Answered 24/7 – Mail order pharmacies are able to offer pharmacist and customer service hours outside of traditional hours of operation for retail pharmacies. This supports members with access to a pharmacist when they need it and results in better adherence, less complications and higher member satisfaction.

    Pharmacists are consistently rated by patients as one of the most accessible and trusted healthcare professionals. EnvisionPharmacies offers access to our uniquely trained pharmacists based on the patient and their personal schedule, not limited to business hours of operation, to educate and answer patient questions regarding their medication. This access and engagement leads to higher confidence and helps ensure medication adherence.

    Additionally, through our easy-to-use online patient portal, patients can take control of their medication deliveries, make payments online, track order status, order and refill prescriptions, view order history, manage dependents, see when prescriptions expire, and much more from the convenience of their home or office, 24/7.

Any pharmacy can supply medication, but we know our patients deserve more from us. For every interaction, personalized care and a higher level of service is our main focus. We want patients to feel better and live their best lives possible, so every day, our people come to work to make a positive impact on those we serve.

Including mail order in your pharmacy benefits can be a common sense way to improve adherence, lower costs, and give members the added convenience of home delivery and 24/7 support. Mail order has advantages that extend to both the plan and the member, so adding this service is truly a benefit for all.

See how mail order can be a convenient, safe and cost-effective option for your members and your plan. Visit or email to learn more.


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Elite Accreditations Demonstrate Commitment to Excellence in Pharmacy Practices

Our commitment to quality is evidenced with two different accreditations from nationally recognized non-profit organizations that promote quality and safety in healthcare. EnvisionPharmacies is URAC accredited for Mail Service and is one of only 72 pharmacies with accreditation through the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites® (VIPPS®) program from the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®).

The VIPPS program’s rigorous accreditation process requires compliance to each state’s licensing and inspection requirements along with adherence to a variety of criteria, including meeting nationally endorsed standards of pharmacy practice, demonstrating compliance with standards of privacy and authentication and security of prescriptions, adherence to a quality assurance policy, and providing meaningful consultation between patients and pharmacists.

These accreditations reflect our dedication to ensuring quality pharmacy practices are continuously offered and provides confidence to consumers and payers alike.