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How to Tell a Good Clinical Program from a Great One: Accreditation

December 12, 2017

Depositphotos_148932413_original_little_kids_win_soccer_tournament_Duo_1900x986.jpgHealthcare has changed dramatically over the past decade, especially as rising drug costs have payers and members looking for ways to make medication more affordable. Payers have a choice of a broad selection of pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) and pharmacy partners to help manage these costs, but how can you know these companies have what it takes? Accreditation from industry leader URAC, a third-party organization that ensures companies adhere to and practice the highest standards, can help put a payers mind at ease.

URAC Post Pull Quote.jpgURAC is recognized by health plans, employers, regulators and providers as the gold standard in accreditation. Its accreditation standards raise the bar on quality improvement efforts, and support consumer protection and empowerment. EnvisionRx is one of only 27 PBMs accredited for Pharmacy Benefit Management and one of just four organizations accredited for Drug Therapy Management, or DTM, also known as Medication Therapy Management (MTM) in government-sponsored programs. EnvisionPharmacies is also accredited for Specialty Pharmacy and Mail Service Pharmacy.

These accreditations, which we've held since 2007, represent our ongoing commitment to meet or exceed industry standards and continuously improve our service offering. They demonstrate the high-quality service we offer.

Accreditation Can't Be Bought—Only Earned

Accreditation isn’t something you buy. It is earned through continuous improvement and ongoing commitment to industry standards. And for Envision, it’s personal. The company was built on a commitment to assist in controlling healthcare costs through quality pharmaceutical services and cost effectiveness to meet or exceed local, state and national standards, in commercial, Medicare and Medicaid arenas. Our URAC accreditations affirm that we are a top-tier healthcare company.

URAC acts as an independent, impartial organization and performs an “evaluative, rigorous, transparent, and comprehensive process” of systems, processes, and performance of a healthcare organization, assuring that it is indeed operating according to predetermined industry criteria and national standards.

URAC's PBM accreditation process looks for transparency, ensuring that accredited organizations have processes that allow clients to verify  financial disclosures are comprehensive and accurate. Key elements of PBM accreditation include:

  • Customer service and communication
  • Standards for pharmacy distribution channels
  • Drug use management standards
  • Pharmacy and therapeutic standards/formulary development

Accreditation in Drug Therapy Management assesses the company’s standards for driving appropriate therapeutic outcomes for consumers and reducing adverse events, including:

  • Promoting rational, clinically appropriate, safe and cost-effective DTM through evidence-based medicine
  • Encouraging communication about proper medication use
  • Supporting population specification, consumer identification and recruitment
  • Creating a process for DTM outcomes measurement and quality improvement

Focus on Continuous Improvement & Better Healthcare

With the healthcare industry continually changing and the development of new, complex and costly drugs, it is imperative to have a pharmacy management partner that stays on top of the trends and has the knowledge, ability and processes needed to properly manage costs and patient outcomes.

As part of our URAC accreditation, we have programs in place to regularly monitor and update our processes to ensure we continue to deliver the best possible pharmaceutical healthcare. With URAC accreditation, Envision shows that it has demonstrated a commitment to quality healthcare and accountability based on rigorous national standards and fosters continual improvement.  

Click to read the press releases about our re-accreditation for Pharmacy Benefit Management and Drug Therapy Management.