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An Executive Perspective on the Pharmacy Benefits Industry and the Future of EnvisionRxOptions

January 23, 2018

Frank_videoplay_CTA-f3.jpgOver the past few years, the healthcare industry has faced a number of challenges, and as we enter a new year, many are exploring and testing new solutions. Regardless of the model, all have a common thread. Payers want—and need—more flexibility, greater transparency and control over the full pharmacy care experience. 

Since joining the Rite Aid family, EnvisionRxOptions has continued its rapid growth. With the support of our parent company, we have plans for further expansion and development of innovative programs, across our business, to help address the pressing issues we are all seeing in the industry today.

In this video message from EnvisionRxOptions CEO Frank Sheehy, he will discuss current market dynamics and how we are meeting the unique needs of our clients. With our nimble, transparent and visibly different approach to pharmacy benefits, we are helping payers meet industry challenges today and into the future.